The Best Of: September 2016


So, I have no idea what I did in September. Haha! I have pictures of us from two events: Joseph’s 2nd birthday party, and from when I was testing out a location for Christmas pictures I plan to do with clients in November. I looked back at my Instagram account, and it seems as though we laid pretty low this month. We did a lot of cooking/baking and playground visiting. This makes sense to me since baby #2 was due September 30th. It just seems strange to me because I usually log between 300-600 personal pictures a month…but September only had 100! Continue reading

The Best Of: August 2016

August Blog -18

August. It’s gone already? Probably one of the most intense months for us this summer. So many emotions!

We managed, with a fair bit of success, to bring an almost-2-year-old on a flight to Ottawa for a family wedding. We bought a used Nintendo 3DS, a whole season of Bubble Guppies, new trains and cards, and a ton of candy. With the exception of take off and landing, Joseph managed to keep it together for the flights! Spending five days in Ottawa was no easy feat with a toddler who hasn’t quite figured out sleep yet. We totally gave up on naps, and either let him pass out from exhaustion, or drove him around in the car for an hour. Putting him to bed at night was pretty tough. I had to spend 1-2 hours in bed with him, until he eventually fell asleep in our small double bed. Josh and I would gather as much sleep as we could on the edges of the bed! However, there were some great points about Ottawa. One being spending so much time with Nona. She was really wonderful with Joseph, and even babysat a few nights so Josh and I could go out and spend some time together! We had a chance to visit the Aviation Museum. I was able to visit with a few friends. And of course, we got to see Josh’s sister tie the knot 🙂 All in all, the trip wasn’t terrible. However, we have decided we are on a travel strike as a family for the next little bit. The amount of stress we felt over this trip was astronomical. Both before and during. We love our home, our bed, and our money. We are staying put for a little while 🙂 Continue reading

Recipe #3: Angie’s Maple Curry Chicken | The Brisson Family Cookbook

August-7This recipe came to us because we were excitedly telling our friends about how we are working on making a family cookbook. “Well,” said my friend, “You need to come over and try Angie’s maple curry chicken. It’s the best, and it will definitely make it into your book.” Continue reading

Day 2: Toddler Sleep Training


Watching him from the iPad. He looks so small in that big bed!

This is going MUCH better than I expected. Joseph did the dreaded wake up last night, but it wasn’t nearly has dramatic as I had thought. We continued to do the 5-minute check-in with our script, “It’s time for sleeping. Mommy and daddy are right outside. I love you. Night night.” After 15 minutes he was back to sleep. Then he slept until 8:30am! That’s 13 hours of sleep!  Continue reading

Day 1: Toddler Sleep Training


I actually wasn’t around for this first night of getting Joseph to learn how to sleep in his big bed. For the past 3 days, my heart has felt so anxious at the thought of going through the motions of this day. Today at dinner, I told Josh that I thought it would be better if I left. Not that he thought I couldn’t do it, but he knows how these things twist me up inside, and agreed that I should take a break and let him handle the first night.  Continue reading

A new round of “sleep training”

But they are so CUTE when they are sleeping. It makes you forget how psychotic they were just minutes ago.

But they are so CUTE when they are sleeping. It makes you forget how psychotic they were just minutes ago.

I didn’t know sleep regressions were a thing until I was frantically Googling why my baby couldn’t sleep and found out that kids can go backwards. How cruel! Who designed babies to be this way?! And it’s not just a baby thing. Sleep regressions last into toddlerhood! Pair that with a mini-gymnast, and you have one hell of a rough ride ahead of you. I feel like I am obsessed with sleep between Joseph’s craziness and my own.  Continue reading